I have spent the past years doing everything I could to educate myself in the art of grooming.  I have also completed a course in Veterinary Assistance and continue to learn all I can about canine behavior.  I encounter many dog breeds with all sorts of personalities.  Lots of people come to me with 'problem' dogs, only for me to discover that they just need some patience, understanding and calm leadership.  With my husband helping with the bathing and drying, we have found that we can keep up with the growing demand for professional, caring grooming in our area. 

 When your dog comes in for grooming, he gets cared for in a steady and compassionate manner.  A full groom includes bath, haircut and styling.  The bath includes our massaging bath system, nail clipping, ear cleaning and your dog will be dried fully before being sent home.  Our high powered blower, as well as drying your dog, removes excess hair and will make your house-cleaning a little easier.   

 As your dog's groomer and the place he stays for vacation, we most likely see him more than his veterinarian.  With my vet's assistant training, I have an opportunity to fully check him over during the grooming process and report to you any irregularities.