Boarding & Daycare

Home Away From Home

 Our approach to dog boarding is not the normal one.  We do not believe in keeping dogs locked in cages for the duration of their stay here.  While our indoor accommodations are roomy and comfortable, our guests spend a minimal amount of time in them.  For the most part, they tell us  what they want to do, usually only staying in their rooms to sleep and eat. 

 Our own dogs and Doggy Styles' canine guests play freely under our supervision.  Our experience and education in dog behavior help us to keep aggression at a minimum and fun at a maximum. 

Everything a Pet Needs

 Doggy Styles has three sizes of rooms to accommodate every size and type of dog.  The inside kennel area is heated in the winter, air-conditioned in the summer and most cages have outdoor access 

 It sometimes happens that dogs, due to anxiety or safety just cannot handle staying in a kennel.  When that happens, we try to make them at home with us inside our home.

A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

 After a morning of amusements, everybody is ready for a nap, either in their individual rooms, or in our living room.
We have several regular daycare residents.  Their owners discover quickly that the dogs come home well-behaved and worn out.   

Special Needs Welcome

 All our guests, even older pets and those with anxiety problems, find that their stay here can be as relaxing and calm as they wish. 

Cats Too!

 Cats are welcome here at Doggy Styles Pet Resort.  We will do everything in our power to make them feel comfortable and at home.  

 We have had experience with many different breeds of dogs with varying personalities.  
If you are having trouble with training or behavior problems, we can supply advice and help with training to solve your dilemmas. 


 It is our policy here at Doggy Styles Pet Resort that we cannot accept any female pets while they are in heat. 
It is highly disruptive and dangerous to all our guests. If your pet goes into heat while in our care, the boarding price will be doubled.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

All pets that stay with us are required to have all vaccinations, including Bordatella (Kennel Cough) and proof of vaccinations must be presented at the time of boarding. 

 Due to the danger and disruption they present to ourselves and other guests, dogs that need to be isolated due to aggression or behavioral/anxiety issues will entail a $2 per day additional charge.